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Phoenix, AZ 85027
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Electron International Incorporated (EII) is a Systems Engineering Services firm that focuses on providing superior engineering services to our clients. EII specializes in avionics, but has a breadth of knowledge in systems engineering to meet the needs of your project.

Our customers have included multiple Fortune 100 companies, as well as a myriad of smaller, but still important players in the aerospace industry. We have a reputation of providing results to our customers, no matter what it takes. Our customers continue to praise the work we do and often return with even larger tasks for us to perform once they have seen our capabilities.

Electron International has been involved in the latest aerospace programs and projects, from proposal, design, and certification to post-certification support. EII has coordinated with leaders to the aerospace industry including Boeing, Airbus, Honeywell, and Rockwell-Collins. In addition, our experience in the aerospace sector has allowed us to branch out into new and exciting industries. One such example is our partnership where we assisted Chevrolet on their work on hybrid automobiles.

Electron Internationalís lead engineers have over 30 years of experience in the Avionics Industry. A single engineer or an experienced team can be assembled to meet the needs of your project. Our engineers can work at the customer's site to work directly with the customer, or off-site where the work can be performed with complete access to the full experience of our organization. EII strives to be flexible in adapting to the customerís needs, as well as providing transparency to build trust and aid in the progress of your project.

Electron International is experienced in providing:
  • DER Services
  • System Design, Analysis, Development, Verification and Validation (V&V)
  • Hardware Requirements, Design and Analysis
  • Software Development, Documentation, V&V and Quality Assurance
  • Safety and Reliability Analyses
  • Test Equipment Design and Development
  • Qualification Testing Plans, Procedures and Support
  • ARP 4754, ARP 4761, DO254, DO160, DO178B
  • Mil-Std-882
  • Fly-By-Wire (FBW) Flight Controls
  • Autopilot / Autoflight / Flight Director
  • Avionics (Integrated, Federated)
  • Radios (ILS, VOR, VDR, ADF, DME, Radio Altimeter)
  • TCAS / T2CAS
  • FMS
  • Performance Management Controls for Engines
  • Engine Electrical Systems