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Inder Verma | President

Expertise: FAA DER, Safety Analysis Systems, Avionics System Design, Test Equipment

Inder has worked in the Aerospace industry for over 30 years. He has an extensive background in electrical engineering and System Safety. He has worked with Boeing, GE, L-3, Rockwell-Collins and Honeywell on a wide variety of projects such as Terrain and Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), thrust reverser systems, fly-by-wire systems, and flight controls.

Will Blevins | Vice-President

Expertise: Design and Certification of Commercial Avionics Systems, Flight Management System, Multifunction Control Display, Digital Autopilots, Hardware Design, Test Equipment

Eric Peterson | Vice-President

Mr. Eric M. Peterson is Vice-President of Systems and Safety for Electron International, Inc. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Montana State University.

Mr. Peterson is an active member of SAE and Vice-Chairman of the SAE S-18, Aircraft & Systems Development and Safety Assessment Committee. He has been awarded the SAE Forest R. McFarland Award for outstanding contributions toward the work of the SAE Engineering Meetings Board and the SAE Outstanding Contribution Award for his work in the development of SAE Technical Standards.

Mr. Peterson has over 35 years of commercial and military experience in the management, system design and analysis, hardware and software development and safety assessments of flight critical avionic and fly-by-wire system applications. Mr. Peterson is a licensed private pilot and an inactive FAA Systems and Equipment DER with a Level A software endorsement.